Corina Puls

  • Office Assistant


Corina joined EURORDIS in October 2018 as Office Assistant, based in the Paris office.

Her role is to provide administrative support and is responsible for the smooth running of the office in Paris. She is the first point of call for visitors and ensures that the offices are welcoming, fully equipped and functional.

Concerning her professional background, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education  from Cahul State University, Moldova. During her undergraduate studies, she had an outstanding experience (one year) as an Erasmus student at Vilnius University, Lithuania.

After 4 years of working in the food service sector (Paris area), she took up her studies again and as a result holds an executive assistant certificate from ESF, Paris.

Her mother tongue is Romanian, but she also speaks French, English and some Russian.

Telephone: +33 01 56 53 52 10

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