Helping you to find better quality rare disease information on the internet

Very often the internet is the first place people living with a rare disease find themselves. Searching for rare disease related information that patients and families can easily understand and trust can be a frustrating and scary experience. The EURORDIS InfoHub has been developed to meet three basic needs: How to find quality rare disease information on the internet; Where to find quality rare disease information on the internet and a tool to provide access to search results based on an index of affiliated patient organisation websites

A voz das pessoas com doenças raras na EuropaEURORDIS A voz internacional das pessoas com doenças raras, Rare Diseases Internacional, é uma iniciativa da EURORDISRare Disease International Reúne doentes, famílias e especialistas para partilhar experiências num fórum multilinguístico. A RareConnect é uma iniciativa da EURORDIS RareConnect An international awareness raising campaign taking place on the last day of February each year, Rare Disease Day is a EURORDIS initiativeRare Disease Day Adira ao maior encontro europeu das partes interessadas no âmbito das doenças raras na Conferência Bienal Europeia sobre Doenças Raras e Produtos Órfãos. A ECRD é uma iniciativa da EURORDISEuropean Conference on Rare Diseases