International rare disease events


April 2016

13th International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG) 2016

3-7 April, Kyoto, Japan

28th Annual DIA EuroMeeting

6-8 April, Hamburg, Germany,

9th International Conference of the European Chromosome 11 Network

8-10 April, Pforzheim, Germany,

5th International Conference on Myelodysplastic Syndromes

14-16 April, Estoril, Portugal,


May 2016

International Symposium on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

3-6 May, New York City, USA,

Mitochondrial Medicine: Developing New Treatments for Mitochondrial Disease

4-6 May, Cambirdge, UK,

Myotubular Trust European Family Conference and Workshop 2016

6 May, Niedernhausen, Germany,

Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Global Conference 

19-22 May, Madrid, Spain,

H2020 European Health/Rare Diseases Brokerage Event

12-13 May, Oslo, Norway,

8th Alstrom Syndrome International Conference

12-16 May, Plymouth, Massachusetts USA,

2016 World Congress on Rett Syndrome

13-17 May, Kazan, Russia,

ECRIN's meeting on International Clinical Trials Day

20 May, Prague, Czech Republic,

European Conference PanCareSurFup for Childhood Cancer Survivors ‘Acting Now!

23-24 May, Brussels, Belgium,

IPFA/PEI 23rd International Workshop on "Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens"

25 - 26 May, Lisbon, Portugal,

ECRD 2016: The European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products 
26-28 May, Edinburgh, United Kingdom,


June 2016

8th International WASOG Conference 2016 on Diffuse Parenchymal Lunger Diseases

2-4 June, Gdansk, Poland,

ExPRESS 2016 Expert Patient and Researcher EURORDIS Summer School

Barcelona, 6-10 June 2016. More info

39th European Cystic Fibrosis Conference

8-11 June, Basel, Switzerland,

21st International Waldenstroms Macroglobulemia Foundation Ed Forum

10-12 June, Rhode Island, United States

14th National Conference on Hydrocephalus

16-19 June, Minneapolis, USA ,

International Meeting on Spastic Paraparesis and Ataxias

23-25 June, Paris, France,

FEPS (Federation of European Physiological Societies) 2016

29 June – 1st July, Paris, France,

12th European Working Group on Gaucher Disease 2016 meeting

29 June-2 July, Zaragoza, Spain

9th International Cycstinosis Congress Beyond Borders

30 June- 3 July, Valencia, Spain,


July 2016

19th Retina International World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan

13-14 July, Taipei, Taiwan,

14th Symposium on MPS (mucopolysaccharidosis) and related diseases 
14-17 July, Bonn, Germany,

RYR-1 (Ryanodine-1 myopathy) International Family Conference 2016

22-24 July, Baltimore, USA,

World Federation of Hemphilia- 2016 World Congress

24-28 July, Orlando, USA,

August 2016 

3rd European Aniridia Conference OlOslo2017- 13th International Conference on Ostegenesis Imperfecta

27-28 August, Duisberg, Germany www.aniridiaconference.eul

OlOslo2017- 13th International Conference on Ostegenesis Imperfecta
27-30 August, Oslo, Norway,


76th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2016: “Rising to the challenge: reducing the global burden of disease”

28 August – 1 September, Buenos Aires, Argentina,


September 2016

ERS International Congress 2016

3-7 September, London, United Kingdom,

27th European Dysmorphology Meeting

8 -9 September, Le Bischenberg, France,

European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics Conference: "30 years of European Bioethics"

8-10 September, Leuven, Belgium,

2nd International Conference on New Concepts in B-Cell Malignancies

9-11 September, Estoril, Portugal,

55th ESPE Annual Meeting

10-11 September, Paris, France,

9th ISNS International meeting/10th ISNS European Regional meeting

11-14 September, The Hague, the Netherlands,

4th Annual International ECD (Erdheim-Chester Disease) Symposium and Patient & Family Gathering 

14-16 September, Paris, France,

NIHR Rare Diseases Translational Research Collaboration Research Symposium
15 September, Cambridge, UK,

4th International Conference on Oesophageal Atresia

15-16 September, Sydney, Australia,

17th Physiatric Summer School Rare Musculoskeletal Diseases - on the Edge

15 - 16 September, Helsinki, Finland,

2016 Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference

20-22 September, Sydney, Australia,

Rare Metabolic Disorders: Detection, Research, Management and Treatment

20-22 September, London, United Kingdom,

European Paediatric Stroke Symposium 2016

21-22 September, Lyon, France,

5th World Congress of Clinical Safety

21-23 September, Massachusetts,

ESID European Society for Immunodeficiencies: 17th Biennial meeting
21-24 September, Barcelona, Spain,


October 2016

Cilia 2016: 'from fundamental biology to human disease'

4-7 October, Amsterdam, Netherlands,

Alstrom Syndrome Europe (AS EU) - 4th European Conference 

10 October, Vigo, Spain
Contact AS EU managing Director,

ICORD 2016 (International Conference on Rare Diseases & Oprhan Drugs)

This conference will be the first joint collaboration between ICORD and Rare Diseases International (EURORDIS)

19-22 October, Cape Town, South Africa,

2nd Cambridge Rare Disease Summit

25 October, Cambridge, UK,

27th International Conference on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

28-30 October, Ghent, Belgium

November 2016

World Orphan Drug Conference 

15-17 November, Brussels, Belgium,

November 2017

Third edition of the International Primary Immunodeficiencies Congress - IPIC2017 - 

8-10 November, Dubai



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