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European Union elections 2024

The European Parliament elections, scheduled from 6 to 9 June 2024, present a critical opportunity for the rare disease community in the EU. To date, the 30 million Europeans living with a rare disease in Europe still have high unmet needs in a wide range of areas, including accessing early and appropriate diagnosis, treatment and health and social care. Rare diseases are an area where EU action can have exceptional added value, as knowledge and data are scattered and scarce, and national action is limited.

With these elections, European policymakers have a rare opportunity to champion the cause of rare diseases and play a pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive and health-focused future for the EU.

EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe invites all candidates to the European Parliament and the future European Commission to make rare diseases a priority and to support the following priorities for the upcoming five-year term :

Sign the #ActRare2024 pledge and become a rare disease champion !


30 million people living with a rare disease in Europe call for a world where they can have longer and better lives and achieve their full potential, in a society that values their wellbeing and leaves no one behind. In collaboration with its 1000+ patient organisations, EURORDIS has developed a set of recommendations in 8 strategic areas with the ultimate goal of addressing the high unmet needs of its community.


Represent a National Alliance? Join us in this crucial mission! Help us amplify our voice and connect with prospective MEP candidates. Spread the word, reach out to candidates using our template email and picture card, engage on social media with our messages, and publish our Manifesto on your website to share with your network. Download our materials!

Are you a dedicated patient advocate or a part of a patient organisation willing to help recruit rare disease champions? To support our cause, we invite you to reach out to your National Alliance, the coordinating body for this campaign in your country. They will guide you on how to effectively engage with MEP candidates and amplify our collective voice. Find your National Alliance.

In our commitment to advocate for health, non-discrimination, and civil society engagement, we proudly endorse the following manifestos, each aligning with our vision for a healthier, more inclusive future:

  1. EU4Health Civil Society Alliance: 10 priorities to secure health on the political agenda.
  2. Civil Society for EU: Civil society EU 2024 elections campaign for better civic space and civil dialogue.
  3. European Disability Forum Manifesto: Building an inclusive future for persons with disabilities in the EU.
  4. European Cancer Organisation: Time to Accelerate: Action on Rare Cancers.