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February 2020

Journée de formation- le syndrome d'Angelman

7 February 2020, Strasbourg, France, more information


13 February, Madrid, Spain more information

International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (ICCD 2020)

18 February, worldwide, more information

XVIII International Conference on Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy

28 February - 1 March, Rome, Italy, more information

March 2020

1ère Journée de rencontre des familles, cliniciens, chercheurs autour du syndrome de White-Sutton

27 March 2020, Paris, France, more information

CMP yearly symposium

28 March, Bruges, Belgium, more information

April 2020

The European IPF Patient Summit

24-26 April 2020, Warsaw, Poland, more information

May 2020

Europäische Familienkonferenz für Menschen mit Zentronukeären Myopathien

21-24 May 2020, Bad Nauheim, Germany, more information

June 2020

European Polio Union – 2020 Annual General Meeting

10-12 June, Vitoria, N. Spain, more information

July 2020

12th Annual Usher Syndrome Coalition USH Connections Conference

10-11 July 2020, Austin, Texas, USA, more information


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