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EURORDIS Training Tools for Patient Representatives: New e-learning module on statistics

October 2012

Statistics are everywhere! From predicting the weather to selecting the sample size for a clinical trial. Love it or hate it, we cannot escape it. To help you get a head start with this fascinating topic- a new module has been added to EURORDIS’ e-learning section.  

The module on Statistics complements the current e-learning tool developed to improve patient’s understanding of the drug development process, which consists of one module on “methodology” another on “ethics”.  All the modules are freely available on the EURORDIS website (

The e-learning tool and the EURORDIS Summer School training material aim at empowering rare disease patients’ representatives in the fields of: Clinical trials, Drug development and EU regulatory affairs. The three e-learning modules developed to date aim to provide different tools for different learning preferences; either using theoretical, practical, bibliographical, semantic or a more challenging quiz approach – the choice is yours. While the course is not comprehensive, it serves as a great introduction using more frequently used terms in the different subjects and guides you through various ways of understanding and application.

The e-learning tool serves as continued training for EURORDIS Summer School participants or as independent learning for patient organisations.  It is a good way to test knowledge before and/or after attending the Summer School and complements the on-line video presentations. It can also help you start your own training programme.

For each module there are several topics that are covered, such as: controlled trial, randomisation, criteria of inclusion and informed consent.

The Words approach includes a 400-word glossary of useful terms in the area of clinical trials and drug development.  You can download a version of the glossary to use on your computer at

All these activities are made possible thanks to the support of the European Commission and the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, the AFM-Telethon, the DIA Philanthropy Programme, INSERM and the Fundació Dr Robert.

For more information:

To access all Training tools, explore the e-learning and Summer School sections of EURORDIS Training Resources