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Healthcare Webinar: Added Value of Patient Involvement in the Design of Care Pathways

July 2024

Care pathways are the foundation of our healthcare systems. Whenever we see our general practitioner or attend the hospital, we are traveling along a care pathway. These pathways organise care utilising the healthcare services resources and are based on local clinical protocols and policies. In many ways, care pathways put clinical guidelines into action.

The European Reference Networks (ERNs) are collaborating with national authorities under the new EU Joint Action for Integration (JARDIN) to develop ERN care pathways based on clinical guidelines, that can be tailored and adopted locally in national healthcare systems.

But what is the role of patients and their representatives in the design and development of rare disease care pathways? This webinar will provide an introduction to care pathways and share the best practice methodology for care pathway development. Patient leaders from the rare disease community will share their real-world experience of co-designing specific condition pathway, national care pathways and European pathways. 

The webinar aims to explore the added value of patient involvement in the design of pathways and identify recommendations that will be used in the development of ERN Care Pathways under JARDIN.

💬EURORDIS Healthcare Webinar – Added Value of Patient Involvement in the design of Care Pathways
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🗓️ 17 July 2024
⏰12:30 – 14:00 CET