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Razem z Ukrainą

Razem z Ukrainą is a confederation of 14 patient-focused non-profit organisations to meet the critical needs of a minimum of 500 Ukrainian families living with a rare
disease who are currently in, coming to, and/or going through Poland.

The partners will collaborate to:

  • Provide family assistance to support Ukrainian families to access health care, navigate the social benefit systems, get access to housing and schools, etc.
  • Provide appropriate (adapted) housing for families affected by a rare disease, either through EURORDIS’ partnership with Airbnb and/or via directly commissioned housing through coalition members
  • Procure and ship equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, medical supplies) where they are needed
  • Support travel for Ukrainian families and the staff and volunteers who help them
  • Enable provision of psychological support for Ukrainian individuals, children or families, referred by coalition members and facilitated directly by EURORDIS

Partners include

Razem z Ukrainą is made possible by the generous support of the following funders

Contributions to the EURORDIS Rare Response Fund for Ukraine