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Razem z Ukrainą

Razem z Ukrainą is a confederation of 14 patient-focused non-profit organisations to meet the critical needs of a minimum of 500 Ukrainian families living with a rare
disease who are currently in, coming to, and/or going through Poland.

The project was conducted during June 2022-May 2023 and overall, the partners of the project were able to help 1188 Ukrainians leaving with rare diseases and their families.

The partners were able to:

  • Provide family assistance to support Ukrainian families to access health care, navigate the social benefit systems, get access to housing and schools, etc.
  • Provide appropriate (adapted) housing for families affected by a rare disease, either through EURORDIS’ partnership with Airbnb and/or via directly commissioned housing through coalition members
  • Procure and ship equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, medical supplies) where they are needed
  • Support travel for Ukrainian families and the staff and volunteers who help them
  • Enable provision of psychological support for Ukrainian individuals, children or families, referred by coalition members and facilitated directly by EURORDIS

Please find more information about the achievements of the project in the article “Supporting Ukraine’s Rare Disease Community: A Multifaceted Response Amidst Crisis

Partners include

Razem z Ukrainą is made possible by the generous support of the following funders

Contributions to the EURORDIS Rare Response Fund for Ukraine