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Juni 2023

EURORDIS‘ Full Response to the new Commission Communication on a Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health

EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe welcomes the European Commission Communication on ‘A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health’ and stresses the need for recognition of the mental wellbeing challenges specifically impacting the rare disease community. 
We strongly agree with the Communication’s proposal to identify high-risk groups and target support, resources and tailored policies to meet their specific needs. People living with a rare disease and their families frequently find themselves at the intersection of numerous diverse vulnerable situations, including psychosocial risks at work or school, medical uncertainties, economic hardship, discrimination and stigma. 
As such, EURORDIS welcomes the Commission’s ambition to take a comprehensive approach to addressing the psychosocial and structural determinants to mental health. We also call on the Commission to ensure each of its Flagship Initiatives is implemented with an intersectional approach.