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REMEDi4All is an EU-funded initiative  with the overall aim to drive forward patient-centric drug repurposing in rare, ultra-rare disease and beyond.  The REMEDi4ALL consortium will create a vibrant European research and innovation eco-system that facilitates fast and cost-effective patient-centric development and implementation of repurposed medicines. The consortium, under the leadership of EATRIS – the European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine – brings together a unique combination of expertise and know-how to address the complexities of drug repurposing. Do you have a drug repurposing project? Fill out this form and let’s talk and see how we can help!

Project duration:

September 2022 – July 2027

Funding body

Horizon Europe

EURORDIS role in the project

EURORDIS believes that providing support not only to patients, but also to academics and clinicians to navigate through the complex repurposing landscape and R&D pathway is essential to advance research and  bring suitable and accessible therapeutic solutions to patients. Working closely with drug repurposing researchers and the patient community, EURORDIS will bring the patient’s voice and experience to the center of each project, empowering patients as co-creators of the repurposing programs. This co-creation approach will help DR researchers access patient expertise to support all stages of repurposing and building the overall framework for engaging patients and stakeholder communities in the REMEDi4ALL platform.

As an ex-academic researcher in the rare diseases field, I personally experienced how important and sometimes difficult it is to engage patients right from the beginning of a project. REMEDi4ALL will expand upon the successful approach spearheaded by the rare disease community and help DR researchers to fill this gap bringing patients champions to the centre of each project empowering them as true co-creators of the repurposing programs.   

Claudia Fuchs, Senior Project Manager – Drug Repurposing, EURORDIS

EURORDIS priorities on Treatments

Treatments provide relief to people living with a rare disease and their families. A treatment can slow down the progression of a disease, treat the symptoms or cure the disease. They ease the reality of living with a rare disease every day.

Contact person

Claudia Fuchs,
Senior Project Manager - Drug Repurposing